Use the auto mode if you do not know the authentication mode of the other wireless clients. Make sure that the computer and the peer computer s share the same security option and key. This device complies with Part 15 of FCC rules. Configure the wireless LAN security using the Security screen. Channel Select the channel number from the drop-down list box. This precaution may be particularly important in rural areas.

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This publication is subject to change without notice. This certification means that the equipment meets certain telecommunications network protective operation and safety requirements. Click Search to scan for all available wireless networks within range. Wireless Network Connection Properties Click Properties and click the Wireless Networks tab.

Download ZyAIR B IEEE b USB Adapter

Advanced The following table describes the fields in this screen. Syair these two stations send data at the same time, they might collide when arriving simultaneously at the AP. Restart the computer when prompted. This requires you to enable a security feature and specify a shared secret key usually the WEP encryption and WEP key on both the wireless station and the AP. Refer to Section 3. This is the default setting. Familiarize yourself with the Syntax Conventions listed for better and faster understanding.

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Make sure that the computer and the peer computer s share the same security option and key. There are two preamble modes: Configure the wireless LAN security using the Security screen. ZyXEL shall in no event be held liable for indirect or consequential damages of any kind of character to the purchaser. Figure Site Survey Warning Step 4.

Driver Zyxel ZyAIR B-220 4.0.0

Steps may vary depending on the version of Windows. The Industry Zyzir does not guarantee that the equipment will operate to a user’s satisfaction.

The wireless station and the AP do not share a secret key. Wireless Network Connection Status If you do not enable any wireless security on your ZyAIR, communication between the ZyAIR and the wired network is accessible to b220 wireless networking device that is in the coverage area. The model name shown in the screens may vary depending on the model you are using. If you select 64 Bit in the Key Type field.

Search Click Search to scan for available wireless device within transmission range. Shared authentication mode involves a shared secret key to authenticate the wireless station to the AP. Verify the settings in the Security screen.


Driver Zyxel ZyAIR B (free) – Download latest version in English on phpnuke

Help Click Help to display the on-line help window. To associate to an ad-hoc network, you must enter the same SSID as the peer ad-hoc computer.

Link Strength The status bar and the percentage number or a number in dBm show the strength of the signal. Refer to the next section for Profile field descriptions.

Double-click on the icon for wireless network connection to display a status window as shown next.

Any replacement will consist of a new or re-manufactured functionally equivalent product of equal value, and will be solely at the discretion of ZyXEL. To join a network, either click an entry in the table to select a b20 network and then click Connect or double-click an entry.

The following figure depicts a roaming example. In most networking scenarios, the factory default Fully Auto setting proves the most efficient.