RJ Female connector on computer and adapter end. Also, now available with drop-in paper loading. You can directly connect a printer with an Ethernet interface to a computer using a crossover cable not the same as a patch cable. What happens if the printer does not work with my computer?. Connect a computer directly to an Ethernet printer using a crossover cable For example if the printer was set to The Epson TM-T88III thermal printer is widely used in the high-volume retail and hospitality environments that require fast and quiet receipt printing with few consumables.

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Confirm that the subnet mask assigned by the network is set for the Ethernet adapter. Subnet mask setting is not correct.

Press the ‘Submit’ button when done. Compare IP settings at the printer side and computer side.

Epson TM-T88III

Drop-in paper loading is quick and easy. The printer plugs into the LAN and, once configured, the computer can use the printer like it was attached directly. The configuration report will now print. The Epson printer driver has not been installed for the Ethernet adapter and printer in use.

TM-T20 – Software & Document – Thermal line Printer – Download – POS – Epson

Set DIP switches as necessary; then attach the access cover. Food and Drug Administration and state and local regulatory agencies. Also turn off bidirectional supportif enabled.


Wait for the green LED on the module to start blinking! Each of our printers has been fully refurbished by an experienced technician and cleaned to look like new. If successful, it will print out the IP address it is using. The same default IP address is set for all Ethernet adapter units as the factory setting.

This item has been tested to power on and feed paper. Fairly good physical condition. If changing a printer to Ethernet you must change the specific dip switch on the Epson printer to allow for the Ethernet card.

The configuration screen should appear. The IP address of the adapter has changed.

To use this setup set the IP address of the computer and the printer statically, both in the same sub domain, with different addresses. For example if the printer was set to The IP address of the printer has changed.

How to connect an Epson POS Printer with an Ethernet Adapter

Using a web browser, type the default IP address found on a label on the interface card into the address field of your web browser. You can select between the autocutter or the built-in tear-bar.


The printer is available in multilingual versions, including Chinese simplified and traditionalJapanese, Thai and Korean.

The default password for the interface is Epson. This page was last updated: There are problems with the computer or network.

How to connect an Epson POS printer with Ethernet Interface

If this happens, cycle power, and wait for the Green LED to start blinking. You can reset the Ethernet card to it’s default settings by placing a small jumper across two pins while power cycling the card. Thermal printing technology Thermal printing assures virtually silent operation and keeps consumables to a minimum—no ribbons are required! Baud rate settings set using combination of jumper 1 and jumper 2, above baud: Select the printer and press Configuration to view or change settings.

Just enter the IP address Watch our How-to video on YouTube!