Many people are addicted to content posted on blogs, so they will gain knowledge through it. Moreover, you can edit and change the content posted by others, but it will create a problem for the owner, not for users. Some illegal content may also get posted, so it will hurt others. Moreover, you can’t expect genuine content, so people face any loss, then the owner have to pay for it. To avoid this kind of problem, they should frame Disclaimer statement and post it on their blog. The statement should contain that, the owner is not responsible for content posted in the blog and he/she is not responsible for any damage or loss. The statement should frame like this, so they won’t face any problem.

Sometimes ads also displayed and users think that it displayed on your behalf, so frame statements and run your site or blog without trouble. Sometimes issues arise without your control; if you post statement below your blog, then you won’t be liable for that. It is must necessary for every blog because content and comments posted by others will create a problem for you, because, they will think that it posted on your behalf, so try to avoid unnecessary troubles. It won’t take much time to create, so don’t hesitate to use it.