The gaming possibilities are endless. Now, let me go through some of the more interesting ones. Matrox “HF” drivers have a rich interface that require Microsoft. File name Release date and file size Driver Notes, including operating system and Matrox graphics card support Disk 1 Also to note is the small difference between bit and bit performance for the G Max.

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Besides these features, the 0. Game-2 In this scene, it is harder to make out any noticeable difference. This is something that a lot of users would want to know, and skipping this section would certainly be a catalyst for a flaming session. Anyway, let’s take a quick look at some 3DMark 99 Max benchmark scores. G was known for being particularly dependent on the host system’s CPU for high 3D performance.

What’s more, it is part of the DirectX 6 feature that enables any 3D hardware with this built-in feature to take full advantage of rendering scenes with a higher level of detail.

Texture Resolution Again, it is difficult to spot any noticeable difference. The Monitor Settings tab allows one to configure the proper display refresh rate for each resolution.

Well, here are some nice pics although not the best that I’ve captured to add to what you’ve martox seen in other reviews. I continued to test the card further with the more recent driver version, which is 5.


At this point, I was still not very satisfied and decided to run one last round of tests. MS DirectX Version 6. A Matrox “DualBus” chip consists dyalhead twin unidirectional buses internally, each moving data into or out of the chip. Other options are self explanatory. It basically test the system if DirectX 6.

Before we start counting the chicks before they hatch, let’s look at the results first. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Matrox Millenium G Max DualHead AGP

Boards shipped with dual analog VGA connectors. Imagine an older driver delivering better performance than the newer revision. This is a really cool feature which adds a lot more gaming enjoyment as you never know what kind of visual surprises await you. However, contrary to the video mode’s name, G does not support full DVD decoding hardware acceleration.

G’s 3D engine consists of 2 mollenium pixel pipelines with 1 texture unit each, providing single-pass dual-texturing capability. The Options tab allows you to enable certain performance options, such as polygon acceleration, device bitmaps caching, bus mastering and bit Z-buffering. This is actually composed of two independent unidirectional bit buses that runs parallel inside the chip.

This results in rich image quality with smoother and accurate color reproductions. The DualHead settings are further explored below. Interesting Finds Updated Daily. Quake III Test v1. Notice the sharper image produced on the GMax, especially the 3D Mark logo near the top right corner of the image.


The new chip featured several new and innovative additions, such as multiple monitor output support, an all-around bit rendering pipeline with high performance, further improved 2D and video acceleration, and a new 3D feature known as Environment Mapped Bump Mapping.

Drivers for older/legacy Matrox products

Matrox matrox mayrox g dualhead the technology developed from the G project, refined it, and milleninum doubled it up to form the G processor. Overall Rating Out of a maximum of 5 Star. S-Video or Dualead Video Out via special cable connected to the second monitor output. Most graphic cards do not support this and actually requires the user to lower their primary display refresh rates to 50Hz or 60Hz in order to output the display simultaneously to a TV.

Again we see the G trailing only a little behind the G Max.