There is much more functionality than is displayed above. So going into those settings is completely unnecessary, dangerous, and redundant. You can also modify the controller settings through this screen: If it’s 32 bit, you can use https. After logging in, you should see this:

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Sections Home Software Cheat Sheets how to Providing practical examples since If you buy from Amazon USA, please support us by using this link. I also recommend restricting access using your firewall.

AMCC 3WARE 9500S Cli Manual: Installing The 3ware Cli On Linux And Freebsd

Joined Jan 10, Messages 2 Thanks 0. Joined Mar 25, Messages 19, Thanks 1, In that case, your best bet would be to create a feature freensd at bugs. Well here i was running my kernel at HZ to get somewhat decent sound performance during disk activity. If it’s 32 bit, you can use https.

3ware SE on FreeBSD — Schmut

I’ve only shown a few screen shots from the 3DM web interface. Thread starter filloweb Start date Jan 10, What you are doing is a bad idea on top of it because: Details information about your controller is easily found: Otherwise, you use http. This controller did not play nice with my onboard Intel High Definition Audio card. Other Stuff Experiences Personal tools.


The FreeBSD Diary

When filing a report with 3ware they asked me to update the firmware to the latest release. In short, I’m not seeing what you are trying to gain from this adventure except to have extra knobs and bells to look at, and nothing in there isn’t available from the indtall and monitored by FreeNAS if properly setup.

This post is being written upon a request to rate my experience. You should be setting up the controller as jbod and then never logging into it again.

There is much more functionality than is displayed above.

I was glad to find it. It made it skip like a cd only faster.

I will show you how to install the port, and provide some screen shots to give you an idea of how the web interface works. But I’ve been doing a lot of blogging at dan. Click here This article has no comments Show me similar articles.


The Install This part is a bit hazy. What I find interesting about this screen shot is it seems to indicate that NCQ is not supported. The time of writing this is a few months after the install and some of the details are a bit hazy. Detailed information regarding each unit is also available.

The FreeBSD Diary — 3Ware – Manage your RAID arrays via http

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Resources Latest reviews Search resources.

Installing the port To install the port: Forums New posts Search forums. There’s very little free space on the USB stick’s partitions, so installing more software is just a bad idea how many times do we have to tell people this is not even remotely a good idea? In my case, it shows the main RAID array and the two hot spares. This unfortunately did not fix the problem.