The only reason I did not include them was because the original intention of this project was just to record run routes, which did not require time or speed info. A few years ago found a Qbasic routine that at least gets me back the ability to retrieve coordinates from the expletive deleted thing. You are more than welcome to substitute any suitable RS level converter; however, the MAX is nice because it has internal capacitors. Many thanks for listening. Once the Tripmate is modified to self-start, it will automatically output position and satellite information when power is applied. Right now it is configured in such a manner that it will only log the GPRMC sentence, but it can easily be modified.

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A 12v power supply would be handy for an automotive application. So what does all this mean to you?

How To Use The Delorme Tripmate As A NEMA GPS Device

If you or anyone else reading this wants to track my progress, I will be posing it online hopefully soon. The plan was to create a GPS data logger that would record the position of the unit and allow me to read back the latitude and longitude after acquiring the data. This was a fun experiment because not only did I need to interface the PIC16F88 to the Tripmate, but I also needed to parse the output and implement an efficient storage solution. Welcome to the Make: Hello again Steven, you have other bug in the schematic, pin 11 from PIC goes to pin 2, not 11 to 1, check the pdf of max, i have spend 2 hours do discover this because i dont have pulses in bootloader comming to com port, im going to try connect to a bluetouht gps, i disable the BT and found the rs ports in pcb, but the gps send mnea commands at bps, can you change the hex for me please, or tell me what correct program to assemble your.


Learn how your comment data is processed. If this is not done, the Tripmate will simply transmit the same string until it’s batteries die. A few years ago found a Qbasic routine that at least gets me back the ability to retrieve coordinates from the expletive deleted thing. No more tricky adapter cables to trick it into starting!

DeLorme Tripmate GPS Receiver

I have had a few different values saved, but I haven’t determined what makes it do that. This is very convenient because I can recharge 4 AA selorme for the Tripmate and 4 for the logger circuit and so far I have found that they last quite a while. Delorme has imho pretty much lost it’s edge as a gpr receiver provider as delrme are a wealth of NMEA compatible receivers now available but the others all have the limit of providing only a single communication option, so, you have a purchase decision choose between Serial, USB or BlueTooth where the now discontinued Earthmate II provides the potential for all three.

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Since the Tripmate itself puts out the “ASTRAL” string repeatedly when it is inactive, another solution has been to rewire the serial connector so that this string is routed back to the receiver to wake it up. You will have to build a cable to connect pin 25 to pin 9!

Delorme’s Tripmate GPS Receiver

However, the unit is dated, designed to be used with Delorme products see below for the special “init string so I have moved on to more uptodate products such as the Magellan Meridian and Explorist self contained handheld mapping units and have forgotten most of what I used to know about the Tripmate, so, if the information you seek is not on this page, it’s “Google Time” as asking me is not going to be productive.


Even a kit of parts? Many modern GPS also allow you to boost the sensitivity by using an external antenna. I was turned onto this from the Cr-4 email. In the meantime, keep making stuff! Many thanks for listening. It looks like the original mistake that I made was to shift the two lines one pin up when drawing up the schematic.

Running a hot glue gun all of the way around the join of the two connectors is then the best way to insulate the soldered connections, but it is important that they be insulated. The 24LC can be read with a clock frequency of kHz and has a 5 ms write speed.

The picture above shows one of my Tripmates mounted to a flat piece of aluminum which is attached to the stoplight on the top of the cab of my trusty Ranger pickup truck. If anyone has questions about the hyperformance, you can e-mail me at hyperformance AT learn2think. The schematic has been corrected. This command is the reverse of the above. Read on to find out more information about the project, see the schematic and soure code I wrote, and find out how the data was visualized.

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My ultimate goal will be to use a small backpack to record my runs once the weather warms up. Awesome project thanks for helping on a jumpstart by posting what you did.

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