I understand the principle of less range with higher frequencies, but seems the higher band are pushing more power, see the below for explanations:. A driver that lacks a valid digital signature, or was altered after it was signed, can’t be installed on bit versions of Windows. Nope the ARA is the Radio chip. Posted November 7, The only downside that i’m aware of is that you won’t be able to search for available wireless broadcasts, but then if you’re not roaming it shouldn’t matter. Thanks for your work on atheros driver but the last driver modded that you post dont work on my windows 7 x64 atheros x!

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So I do wonder if this regional setting does change anything wjndows all As far as I know you can only load unsigned drivers if you put Windows 7 into “test mode”. To fix this damn bug: Your card is quite ancient, try in the modded driver to set the speed to anything but the 11n settings.

But yes I already disabled that function.

I have a smcwpci-g eu wificard with a Atheros AG chip. The BSOD are random got 3 different ones. In the Athegos you could enable test signing mode and disable integrity checks to use whatever driver you wanted.


Select Qualcomm Atheros wireless driver

Looks like your card is made by Planex I found a driver from here http: Posted November 11, I think I found his original driver on smc’s website. Netband changes what the card can do in each band, all bit sensitive. And got my wifi to work. Of course I have no idea if it’s possible, but thanks for checking it out.

Windows Wireless drivers for atheros

Posted November 7, That is what I find confusing. Did the bsod start before you upgraded the drivers?

Range coverage in the new house I moved to a bit ago was quite nice even using the 5GHZ band after moving around the. So I was left with two old Notebooks using Intel cards and my wife yelling about no Internet connection. Why would I want winvows do that? I’ll get on my soap box for a second. Some users are having no problems installing unsigned drivers on Win7x64 and others like me cannot without using BCDedit hacks.

If you ask why I am using 5GHZ in the. Windows 7 64bit will now allow unsigned drivers to be used and they will be blocked on bootup ETSI Europe has a limit of 20dBm onalthough individual countries could add further restrictions. You need to be a member in order winsows leave a comment. Atgeros if someone could find a way to disable it completely or perhaps extend the seconds to some high number, say an hour, than problem solved. You can install unsigned drivers, they just won’t be used.


Windows 7 x64 and Athers x64 I think will only use signed drivers. Actually the higher channels will give less range, but being less used also less congestion but then 11a is not as prone to congestion as it has more non over lapping channels.

Register your product Get access to all information, keep your product up to date and enjoy great deals. I understand the principle of less range with higher frequencies, but seems the higher band are pushing more power, see the below for explanations:.

I found another setting “Netband” in the registry, fiddling around with that one now By mobilenvidia, October 4, in Atheros Chipset. If the errors started after you installed the modded 4213, try installing an unmodified one like the regular v8. Chrome Download the latest version.