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About Us
Wherein the Lord Dwells Eternally
Residing Near Every Seeking Soul!
Welcome Home Weary Wanderer!
The Wilderness Radio Network is an outreach of Wilderness Ministries, providing a home, an oasis in the middle of the "wilderness of today", known as the internet.

 Welcome to this Oasis, where the Bread of Life, and the Living Water flows. He is the only thing that can truly satisfy!

The Wilderness Radio Network family:
God's Country - The Original stream, playing Country and Bluegrass Gospel.

The Rock - Contemporary Christian Music

WoT Radio - Bible-based teaching and discussion. (Coming Soon)
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We want to say a heartfelt thanks to all of our listeners! We are so glad that you have found Wilderness Radio and hope that it lifts you up and encourages you to continue in Christ Jesus! We are reaching now into over 70 countries and have an average of 1800 listeners per month! To God be the Glory!
We had mentioned before that we were adding an Talk radio stream. We prefer to call it a teaching stream. Now Upward Road radio is on the air and we are adding programs as fast as possible to give you more teaching and preaching.URR is all talk, all Gospel sharing in the Word of God and music on occasion.visit www.upwardroadradio.com  for more.
God's Country and The Rock will now be airing music only 24/7 without interruption from any of our talk programs. The talk programs can still be found on Upward Road Radio. God's Country - 24/7 Bluegrass, Country and Southern Gospel. The Rock - Christian Hits 24/7.
Thanks to all our listeners!